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Wear your cap with confidence. [TEST] Wear your cap with confidence.

Wear your cap with confidence. [TEST] Wear your cap with confidence.

Having a bad hair day? Want to sneak your way into the party? Love to make an uber-cool style statement? Well, the answer to all your problems is just one – Caps!

Caps are really simple accessories that can easily highlight your style and even complement your overall look. After being in the market for close to about two centuries, the iconic caps have become an integral part of the modern wardrobe.

Now, if you are planning to add a few stunning caps to your closet, here’s what we recommend-

Keep it neutral


If you cannot decide which cap will suit your overall look, then your best option is to stick with neutral shades such as black, white, blue, or grey. These hues will blend well with both your work outfits as well as casual clothing.

Jockey caps are easily available in all these shades that are absolutely stunning to look at and also crafted with the finest fabrics, so you can enjoy wearing them for years.


Have fun with fabric


 Jockey caps are crafted with different fabrics such as super combed cotton, polyester, and viscose, which allows you to switch your caps based on different occasions. For example, you can pull off your cotton cap with confidence when you are simply hanging out with friends or out on a walk, while the polyester cap engineered with StayDry and StayFresh treatment works perfectly well for workouts and other strenuous activities.


Play with patterns
 If you are someone who likes to add that little extra oomph to your overall look, then you must look for Jockey caps that display designs and patterns on them. All-over print design on caps works really well with monochromatic outfits as they make your cap that one statement piece where you want everyone’s attention to go. It also gives your overall look a very playful vibe.


Suit up


 Pairing caps with formal outfits can be a little tricky, but not impossible! With a little creativity and versatility, you can pull off this combination too. For example, pairing caps with polo t-shirts, which are popular for their sophisticated look, with either all day pants or trousers can give you a great result. You can also flawlessly achieve a chic look by pairing chinos with a plain shirt and completing the look with a Jockeycap in either black or white.
Remember, your headgear speaks volumes about your sense of style and personality. So, make sure to select a cap that makes you look confident and complements your OOTD. And, do not forget to ensure these statement pieces are made using high-quality fabric so you can pass them down through generations. 
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